News from our practice

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Leon Verest retired from our practice since January 1, 2023. He is going to do something completely different and is preparing to begin his first season in his French B&B with his husband. We wish him all the luck in the world and know it will be a great success.

We will continue to care for our patients with a slightly different way of working than you are used to from us. As a practice owner, Anne Mieke Achterhuis remains a familiar face in the practice. Two permanent general practitioners will supervise all patients on a daily basis.
Anne Mieke Achterhuis will play a coordinating role in the background.
What remains the same is our permanent team of medical assistants, general practitioner in training, our physician assistant and the practice assistants.
We will also make more use of remote care (e-consultations, video and telephone consultations), and we will continue to train new healthcare staff, as we will need them in the future.
Older and vulnerable patients get a permanent practitioner. We also try to provide a regular practitioner as much as possible for current processes. In this way we continue to offer you personal and high-quality care.