Health Care changes. Ever rising costs and waiting list for hospital procedures have been a factor in transferring many elements of health care back to the general practioner. We offer extra diagnostic test within our practice. Our general practioners and practice nurses perform small surgeries, quit smoking projects, treatment of small skin lesions and so much more. Affordable care provided by your family doctor.

Our medical assistants can help you with:

• Measuring blood pressure (regular, 24 hours and weekly)
• Wound care
• STD test
• Pregnancy test
• Remove stitches
• Ear syringing
• Injections (like vitamin B12, tetanus)
• Suspicion cystitis (bring morning urine)
• Cryotherapy: Treating warts with nitrogen
• Papsmear
• Travel advice
• C-reactive protein test, Hb blood test, glucose test
• Measuring blood pressure (regular, 24 hours and weekly)

Our practice nurse can help you with:

• Program stop smoking
• Pulmonary function test
• Risk assessment cardiovascular disease

Our GP’s can help you with:

• Travel advice and vaccinations
• Nail extraction
• Small surgeries for skin lesions
• Therapeutic injections
• Placement of IUD
• Standard audiometry
• Palliative care and euthanasia