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In our practice we see more and more international clients/patients. Because we want to inform them properly, we would like to introduce you to

What you can find at

• Health information in English
• Reliable and up-to-date information on the most common health issues
• How to be better prepared for your GP visit
• Tips on what you can do yourself if you feel unwell
• Information about the healthcare system in the Netherlands

All medical information is based on scientific guidelines of general practitioners and medical specialists and guidelines for mental health issues.

Corona virus

Helmie GroenHealth news, news

I’m sick. Could it be the new coronavirus?
Do you have:

  1. Cold symptoms or a temperature up to 38 degrees
  2. Recently (less than 14 days) had contact with a patient with the coronavirus, or you have recently returned from an area where the coronavirus prevails:
    China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Singapore, South Korea, Iran, the Northern Italian provinces of Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino-South Tyrol, Friuli-Julisch-Venice, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria.

Then you don’t have to call the GP. Your symptoms are mild. This can also be a common cold or flu. Stay at home, rest and make sure you don’t infect others. Keep a social distance from other people.

If your symptoms get worse:

  • You have fever (over 38 degrees Celsius)
  • You cough or you are out of breath

Then you should call the gp.

What can I do to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus?
The most important measures you can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are very simple. These measures apply to all viruses that may cause flu and colds. Follw these instructions:
They are:
>Wash your hands regularly
>Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
>Use paper handkerchiefs