Influenza and pneumococcal vaccine campaign 2022

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

The influenza vaccination campaign at will take place on Tuesday 6 and Thursday 11 October this year from 15.30 till 17.30. This is well before the first expected flu-wave arriving in The Netherlands. We will send out invitations to all patients mentioned above. If you did not receive an invitation … Lees verder

Resident GP

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Jonat Zigelboim is our resident GP untill March 2023.  Jonat is a certified medical doctor and joins us for over a year in her training specializing as a general practitioner. She is fully qualified to treat patients and will do so supervised by the GP’s.

No medical statement from your GP

Anne Mieke Achterhuisnews, Practice news

Why is your GP not allowed to issue a ‘medical certificate’? A medical statement is a written statement that contains an opinion about you as a patient and your (medical) suitability or unfitness to do or not do certain things. Examples of this are: being able to work, drive a … Lees verder

No new patients

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

At present we have reached the maximum number of patients in our practice. We are therefore  closed for new patients. If you have recently relocated to our area (code 1078 or 1079) but seem unsuccessful in finding a GP, please approach our assistants for advice.    

Need help? Contact your neighbourhood buurtteam!

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Buurtteam Amsterdam is for everyone who needs a helping hand. Maybe you have difficulty making ends meet, need more social contact or want to live at home for as long as possible with a disability or at an elderly age. The buurtteam can help you with these and all kinds … Lees verder

Sharing medical data… Only if you agree

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Your GP and your pharmacy might share your medical data with other healthcare providers. Another doctor or pharmacy may want to have access to your data to be able to help you quickly, properly and safely, for instance. Your medical data are shared through the LSP (National Exchange Point). But only if … Lees verder

No show policy

riviernews, Practice news

Unfortunately we observe increase in no shows of patients with an appointment without prior cancellation. Our team counts on your presence and in this situation sometimes hereby deny others the chance to consult them in a time of need. Please liaise with the assistants when the appointment does not suite … Lees verder