Need help? Contact your neighbourhood buurtteam!

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Buurtteam Amsterdam is for everyone who needs a helping hand. Maybe you have difficulty making ends meet, need more social contact or want to live at home for as long as possible with a disability or at an elderly age. The buurtteam can help you with these and all kinds of other issues. Let’s find a solution together.

Can you use some support? Drop by and visit the team in your neighbourhood. Find our website here.

Lekstraat 13A , 1079 EK
020 2359 120 maandag t/m vrijdag van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur

From 1 April 2021, buurtteams will be set up in every district in Amsterdam. You can drop by to visit your buurtteam or make an appointment. You can also call or send an email to make an appointment at your home or on location. Each buurtteam includes several care workers with specialist knowledge. Peer advisors are also part of the buurtteam: people who have a lot of personal experience in the field of care and support.

Buurtteam employees support you when you need it. For example, so that you can live in your own home for as long as possible when you are of elderly age. Or if you are struggling to make ends meet. But also if you want to have more social contact. The buurtteam will see what you need and who can help, so that you can get on with your life.

You can go to a buurtteam near you if you have questions about:

Financial issues
Physical health
Mental health

Make an appointment online, ask for a repeat prescription or see a lab result?

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Make an appointment online, order repeat prescriptions and view your letters and results with an explanation from your GP? This can be done through the patient portal in our GP information system Tetrahis.

You need to contact our practice for the use of this portal. You need a mobile phone number and a working email address. You can only use your own portal per mail address and phone number. For example, if you want to make an appointment for your children, you can always mention the name and date of birth of the child for whom you make the appointment.

After activation, you will receive an email with instructions to activate your portal.

You can then schedule an appointment, request an e-consultation with your GP, pass on a repeat prescription or access your safe, where your results and letters are kept.

If your portal is no longer working, always try to apply for a new password first. If you continue to experience problems please contact the practice.

Holiday cancelled?

Anne Mieke Achterhuisnews, Practice news

If you suddenly have to cancel your holiday, travel insurance or plane measure often asks for a medical statement from your GP. It is no longer allowed to give off your own GP. The reason for this is that we as your own general practitioner cannot give objective and independent judgment.
Our advice is that you write a letter to the travel agency, the travel company or your insurance for the reason for cancelling. Of course, you can make an appointment to discuss the reason for cancellation so that everything is listed in your file.
If your insurance does wish for the medical information, they can request them from us in writing through their medical advisor. In that case, we will provide a medical report containing factual information, but without advice or recommendation. It is then up to the medical advisor to make an opinion with the information or to give an opinion.

No show policy

riviernews, Practice news

Unfortunately we observe increase in no shows of patients with an appointment without prior cancellation. Our team counts on your presence and in this situation sometimes hereby deny others the chance to consult them in a time of need.

Please liaise with the assistants when the appointment does not suite you and respect the 24 hour cancellation period. Of course we understand situations beyond your control, just let us know!

Not attending your appointment without cancellation will unfortunately be charged the amount of €19,18. Please note that this amount is not covered by the insurance.