Patient Information

Due to ever increasing waiting times we have decided to offer consultation by appointment only. You can make an appointment via the patient app or by calling our assistant.

Do you have a question which does not require a medical exam you can also choose to ask fort he GP to call you or fill in the e-consult form on our site.

After consulting with our assistant you can also send us  photos through a secure mail system:

For patients who are not familiar with our healthcare system:

Dutch health care system

The Dutch healthcare system was ranked the best in Europe for the seventh consecutive year in 2017, according to the annual index compiled by Sweden’s Health Consumer Powerhouse. The index is based on 48 indicators, including accessibility, costs, results, patient’s rights and the use of pharmaceuticals. Accessibility of health care for all inhabitants is the major advantage of the Dutch health care system, although this comes at a significant cost.

To optimize and personalize your health care experience as well as to minimize increasing health care costs and waiting lists in the Netherlands, many health care services/tasks have been decentralized from the specialist in hospital to the general practitioner (who is in close contact with the specialist). Primary health care offered by our GP’s is covered (free) by the basic insurance package, which is compulsory for all inhabitants.

For hospital specialist care (including a visit to the emergency department of a hospital or a consulting specialist), every health care user is requested to contribute his own risk (a minimum amount of approximately €385) first after which the insurance company contributes the rest. On certain occasions an extra insurance package is required to cover all health care costs.

Patient stop
At present we have reached the maximum number of patients in our practice. We are therefore at present closed for new patients. If you have recently relocated to our area (code 1078 or 1079) but seem unsuccessful in finding a GP, please approach our assistants for advice.
Affinity with the creative sector

Over the years the practice has grown to support different specific cultural heritages like the opera house and a range of theatres. Our medical team supports actors and musicians and are available for consultation if you are passing through Amsterdam and require medical attention.

LHBTI+ friendly practice

Your GP is the person you turn to for everything concerning your health. An open minded and unprejudiced attitude is very important to all our staff. Life is complicated enough. Your are welcome. Also with your questions concerning coming-out, sexuality, HIV and STD’s. We also prescribe PrEP.
Privacy statement

As stated by the new privacy laws ( AVP) in the Netherlands we are obliged to handle your personal information with the utmost care. Any personal data that can be traced to an individual. As we also treat patients we handle extreme private medical information. All personal data is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your privacy rights
Within these regulations the use of a non-secure email server is not allowed. We have to ask you to always use an email consult to ask us any personal question. You can find this in the patient app. Contact our assistants to activate your personal account.

Travel Clinic & Vaccinations

Are you planning a trip abroad to an exotic destination or have any questions regarding required (preventative) medical treatment or vaccinations for your travels? We are trained and fully equipped to advise you on the required vaccinations and preparations. Please book an appointment on

Extra services

Health Care changes. Ever rising costs and waiting list for hospital procedures have been a factor in transferring many elements of health care back to the general practioner.

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