Academic Network for General Practice Amsterdam UMC (ANHA)

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As a general practice, we are affiliated with the Academic Network for General Practice Amsterdam UMC (ANHA). In this network we work together with general practitioners, researchers and teachers in scientific research, improvement and innovation in healthcare and medicine education. We think this is important: it increases our knowledge and … Lees verder

Changing opening hours

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Healthcare is under great pressure. Our assistant team works hard to help you as best as possible. To ensure that they can complete all their tasks in a day, a number of things will have to change. From 8 April 2024 Office of the medical assistants :  from 8.00 AM … Lees verder

Resident GP

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Nine de Planque is our resident GP untill July 2024.  Nine is a certified medical doctor and joins us for this year in her training specializing as a general practitioner. She is fully qualified to treat patients and will do so supervised by the GP’s.

Closed for new patients

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At this moment we have reached our full capacity and cannot take in new patients. At the moment you can still register with a number of other practices in our zip code area 1078, 1079. Look online at Zorgzoeker. In this tool fill in ”huisarts” and your postal code. If … Lees verder

Do you have a complaint ?

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Do you have a complaint about your general practitioner, or one of our other employees at our practice? Are things not going as you expected? Are you not satisfied with the way in which your contact with your GP went? The GP or employee may have good reasons for his … Lees verder

Time for lunch!

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Every day we have lunch from 13.00 to 13.30. We are closed for 30 minutes. Of course you can always walk in case of an emergency! Thank you for your understanding.

Healthcare in the Netherlands

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Healthcare in the Netherlands ranks amongst the best in the world, giving people access to the most advanced treatments and preventative care. Some things, however, may be arranged in a different way than you are used to. A key to Dutch curative (or medical) healthcare is the General Practitioner (GP) or family … Lees verder

What is Positive Health?

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As a practice, we are going to work with Positive Health. But what is that and what can you do with it? People are not their condition. Yet we totally focus on this in our healthcare. All attention is paid to their complaints and health problems, and how we can … Lees verder

No medical statement from your GP

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Why is your GP not allowed to issue a ‘medical certificate’? A medical statement is a written statement that contains an opinion about you as a patient and your (medical) suitability or unfitness to do or not do certain things. Examples of this are: being able to work, drive a … Lees verder

Need help? Contact your neighbourhood buurtteam!

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Buurtteam Amsterdam is for everyone who needs a helping hand. Maybe you have difficulty making ends meet, need more social contact or want to live at home for as long as possible with a disability or at an elderly age. The buurtteam can help you with these and all kinds … Lees verder

Healthcare information for Internationals

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We understand that living in a new country with different ideas regarding health care can be challenging. The first step is to register with a local doctor/general practitioner (in Dutch: huisarts). This can be done of the phone or by making an appointment. Some GP-offices also give you the option … Lees verder

Sharing medical data… Only if you agree

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Your GP and your pharmacy might share your medical data with other healthcare providers. Another doctor or pharmacy may want to have access to your data to be able to help you quickly, properly and safely, for instance. Your medical data are shared through the LSP (National Exchange Point). But only if … Lees verder

GP not authorised to issue a medical certificate

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Your doctor cannot issue a ‘medical certificate’ (also known as a doctor’scertificate). In doing so, your doctor acts in accordance with the rules issued by the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG), the professional organisation for physicians. Your own doctor needs to be able to concentrateon your treatment. In order to … Lees verder