Do you have a complaint ?

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Do you have a complaint about your general practitioner, or one of our other employees at our practice?

Are things not going as you expected? Are you not satisfied with the way in which your contact with your GP went? The GP or employee may have good reasons for his or her actions. Yet you may have the feeling that you do not feel heard.

Discuss your complaint with your GP first

First discuss your complaint with your GP. Many people find it difficult to complain, but most GPs appreciate hearing if a patient is not satisfied. If your doctor knows what is going wrong, he can make sure things get better in the future. In this way, care can improve, for yourself but also for others.

In the interview you explain what you are dissatisfied with. If the GP’s policy was correct, he can explain to you why he acted in this way. And if he made a mistake, you can look for a solution together. You may find it difficult to discuss this with your GP; then you can bring someone to the meeting. You can also discuss dissatisfaction with the assistant, practice nurse, deputy general practitioner or the out-of-hours medical center with the general practitioner.

You can use the email address below to report a complaint regarding the care provided by our general practice. We are sorry that you are not satisfied and we hereby invite you to explain your complaint so that we can try to improve the care. We will contact you regarding your email.

Submit a complaint to the complaints officer

If you find this difficult or if you cannot resolve it with us, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaints officer. The complaints officer will work with you to find a solution to your complaint or problem. The complaints officer can try to mediate the complaint. The complaints officer does not take sides and therefore has no opinion. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. To register your complaint, you can use the complaint form on the SKGE website. The complaints officer can be reached on telephone number 088-0229190.

If you really cannot come to an agreement with your general practitioner and with mediation by the complaints officer, you can request a ruling on your complaint from the disputes body for general practitioner care, the Foundation for Primary Care Complaints & Disputes. This independent committee consists entirely of a chairman (a (former) judge) and also members representing the patients and members representing the general practitioners. The committee is assisted by an official secretary (who is also a lawyer).

The decision of the arbitration body is binding.

More information can be found at

You can also directly submit a complaint to the official complaints committee to which we are affiliated:

General Practitioners Complaints Committee Amsterdam

PO box 206

1000 AD Amsterdam