Practice information

Book your appointment or ask your GP your question online!

Make an appointment online or opt for an e-consult in your patient portal.

With the option for an a econsult you avoid having to come to us with minor medical problems. For more information and to open your portal please call our medical assistants on 020-6628636.

You can make an appointment to discuss one problem or question. Do you have several questions for your GP, contact our assistant.

Please prepare your consultation beforehand: What are your symptoms?  What would you like to discuss? Which questions would you like answered?

Call 112 in a life threatening emergency

Medical emergency: 020-6628636 and press 1.

The practice is open between 08:00 - 17:00 on weekdays.

In case of an EMERGENCY please come to the practice immediately, and if possible, inform us you are on your way.

Home visit

If you are not physically able to come to the practice for consultation (due to health reasons , age or  physical handicap) please phone the assistant and discuss the option of a home visit (preferably before 11am).

Please realize that the opportunities for adequate care are more optimal in the practice and that not all services can be offered at your home.

Evening-, night- and weekend

Huisartsenpost: 088-0030600

In the event of a (non-life-threatening) emergency or if you require acute consultation during out of office hours (evening, night and weekends), please phone the Amsterdam GP health care centre (Huisartsenpost) at 088-0330600.

All GP’s in our community collaborate to offer this service.

The team

General practitioners

We have three GP’s working in the practice Rivierenbuurt.

Anne Mieke Achterhuis is owner and general practitioner. She will not be seeing patients on a daily basis.

Jonat Zigelboim, GP  is currently on maternity leave. Johanna Lewens is seeing her patients. She is working on Monday, Tuesdays and Friday.

Lana van der Heijden, GP is working on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Merijn Lewis is our physician assistant. Merijn is a trained nurse who has completed intensive medical training, after which he can now independently perform complex medical tasks and actions. The physician assistant takes over tasks from a medical specialist. In this case the GP. Merijn  is working on Wednesday and Thursday.


Anne Mieke Achterhuis | general practitioner
Anne Mieke Achterhuis is owner and supervising GP and does not see patients on a regular basis.

not in the photo: Jonat Zigelboim, Lana van der Heijden and Merijn Lewis.

Medical assistants

Our medical assistants are your first point of contact when calling our practise. They will ask you (sometimes direct) questions regarding your symptoms and medical history. They are trained to asses the urgency of your problem and will make either an appointment or arrange for the GP to visit you at home.

They have their own consultation hours for medical issues and consult in vaccination and STD's. You can call them for results of urine or blood tests or repeat prescriptions.


General practice-based nurses (POH)

General practice-based nurse specialists have their own consulting hours in our practice but they all work supervised by the general practitioners.

POH-Somatic: Somatic Illness: Taking care of patients with diabetes, COPD and asthma. Counselling in quit smoking projects. Management and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

POH-elderly care: Care of the elderly. Very often elderly people living alone are fragile. They are prone to malnourishment or falling. The current trend to stay in your own home as long as possible can also pose difficulties. We try to prevent, to inform and help these patients and their care-givers.

POH-GGZ: general practice-based psychologist: Counselling in case of mental problems. Referral to specialised counselling.

Joyce de Vries | medical assistent and travel vaccinations

Helmie Groen | medical assistent 

Lijn de Soeten |medica l assistent and STD consultant

Jessica van Drumpt | medical assistent 
Wednesday /Thursday /Friday 

Douwe van der Meulen | medical assistent 


Sigrid van Dijke | POH-elderly care

Karin Vermond | POH-GGZ
wednesday-afternoon/ thursday-afternoon/evening

Janna ter Denge | POH-GGZ
wednesday, not in this photo

Merijn Lewis | POH somatic
tuesday, not in this photo

Douwe van der Meulen | POH-somatiek i.o.
wednesday, not in this photo