Sharing medical data… Only if you agree

Helmie Groennews, Practice news

Your GP and your pharmacy might share your medical data with other healthcare providers. Another doctor or pharmacy may want to have access to your data to be able to help you quickly, properly and safely, for instance. Your medical data are shared through the LSP (National Exchange Point). But only if you agree to it.

How do healthcare providers have access to your medical data?
Your GP and pharmacy may connect their computer systems to the LSP (National Exchange Point), which is a secure and reliable system. They can share the most important medical data through the LSP. Another doctor or pharmacy has access to those medical data via the LSP by using a secure pass and password. But only if you agree to it. And when necessary for your treatment. Your medical data are not stored at a central location. They remain stored on the computer systems of your GP and pharmacy.

Who has access to your medical data?
Healthcare insurers, company doctors and employers have no access to your medical data. Other doctors or pharmacies may only access your medical data if this is necessary for them to be able to help you quickly, properly and safely.

How do you give your permission to having your medical data shared via the LSP?
There are different ways to give permission after having read alle the information on VolgjeZorg
• You give permission directly to your GP through this link: VolgjeZorg
• You complete the permission form (available at the counter or online via and hand it in at your GP’s. Please bring a valid ID when presenting this form.

You have to give permission to your GP and pharmacy separately. Should there be certain medical data you do not want to have shared through the LSP, this can be arranged. Consult with your GP and pharmacy.